If you want to give to the church online, the church bank account is:
Northern Lights Church
Sort Code: 05-04-49
Account number: 17682395
Northern Lights Church
Sort Code: 05-04-69
Account number: 17079938
Northern Lights Church
Sort Code: 05-04-69
Account number: 17079921

Other Matters

As a church we believe in generosity.  We serve a generous God.  The bible says, “god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son…”  God knows more about giving than any one of us.  As we get closer to him we therefore become more generous with everything he has given us.

The leadership of Northern Lights Church is committed to being above reproach when it comes to dealing with the money that people commit to the church.  We have to do the right thing and we have to be seen to do the right thing.  

From time to time we will provide information on this page about the church’s financial performance.  Feel free to ask anyone in leadership any questions that you have on this subject.

Northern Lights Church is registered as a charity in England and Wales – registration number 1161494.

Financial Policies

We believe that wise local church financial stewardship involves doing the following:
1. We give at least 10% of our income to ministries and churches beyond Halifax.
2. We save 10% of our income.  At this point in time we don’t own our own building.  We have no specific goal to have a building of our own.  We aim to make disciples who are full of faith.  To do that we need to meet, but we don’t need to own the buildings that we meet in.  However most churches end up owning their own building, so it could be at some point in the future we will do the same.  The savings we accumulate will be used if that happens.
3. We spend about 40% on salaries.  At present John Warren is the only church employee, and is employed on a package worth approximately two and a half days per week.
4. We spend 15% on rental for the places we meet in.
5. We spend the remaining 25% on other running costs.
6. We aim to keep about 3 months worth of running costs as cash reserves (in addition to the savings discussed above).

Financial Performance to Date

The Church was registered as a charity on 30 April 2015, so our accountants (Sutcliffe and Riley in Halifax) have made that date our financial start and end of year.  Accordingly they have produced the following accounts for the period from the church’s inception to 30 April 2015, and then for the year ended 30 April 2016.

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